Lynne Nowak, MD

Dr. Nowak is the Medical Director for the Express Scripts Lab, where she closely collaborates with the Express Scripts Personal Health Solutions team and Therapeutic Resource Center (TRC) specialist pharmacists, researchers and decision designers to implement programs and protocols to continually improve health outcomes for members.

What You Need to Know About Taking Pain Medication

Opiods can be beneficial but be aware of the risks

Chronic pain is a common occurrence, especially if you suffer from diabetes, arthritis or another worsening health condition.  While medications may be effective in treating your pain, there can be many risks, especially if you are over 65. (more…)

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Making the Most of Your Doctors’ Visits

Playing an active role in your health

A visit to the doctor can sometimes mean spending more time in the waiting room than talking with your doctor. We all know how busy doctors are and, by the time your exam is finished, there may be little time for questions about your condition or the medications you are taking or being prescribed. Playing an active role in your health by being prepared for your visit can actually make it easier to ask the right questions about your diagnosis and medications. Here are some tips to help make the most of each visit. (more…)

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