Avoiding the Medicare Part D Coverage Gap

3 Simple Steps to Stay Out of the Medicare Donut Hole

In a standard Medicare Part D plan, the third stage of coverage is the Coverage Gap (also known as the “Donut Hole”), when you will pay more for your brand-name and generic medications. You’ll want to avoid entering the Gap completely or at least delay your entry as long as you can. To learn more about the Coverage Gap and the other coverage stages for Medicare Part D plans, please watch this video.


What Are Medicare TrOOP Costs?

Keeping Track of Your Out-of-Pocket Drug Expenses

It’s likely you’ve heard the term “out of pocket,” which refers to the Medicare expenses that aren’t reimbursed by insurance. A less familiar term, but one that is extremely important to Medicare Part D prescription drug plan members who enter the Coverage Gap, is “true out-of-pocket” or “TrOOP” costs. Your Medicare TrOOP expenses determine when you’ll leave the Coverage Gap, which is the third stage of the standard Medicare Part D benefit, and when you’ll enter Catastrophic Coverage, the fourth and final stage of the benefit. To better understand these coverage stages, please watch this video.


Avoiding Medicare Penalties

Follow Some Simple Rules to Make Your Medicare Experience Risk Free

No one likes to pay more for a product or service than necessary, especially if it can be avoided. The same principle applies to Medicare. If you don’t enroll when you become eligible, you may pay more. And Medicare late-enrollment penalties are not a one-time charge. They can raise your monthly premium(s) for years or possibly for life. Here are a few important rules to help you avoid these additional penalty charges.


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What You Need to Know About Taking Pain Medication

It Can Be Beneficial but Be Aware of the Risks

Chronic pain is a common occurrence, especially if you suffer from diabetes, arthritis or another worsening health condition.  While medications may be effective in treating your pain, there can be many risks, especially if you are over 65. (more…)

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Road Hazards: High-Risk Medications

Are You Taking a High-Risk Medication? Here Is What You Should Know

As a pharmacist, I know the life-saving potential of every medication on the market.  But even the safest and most effective medications have some effect on your body beyond just its intended purpose. (more…)

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