Why Health Plans Need to Be a Family Affair

You Owe It to Yourself and Your Family to Build a Health Plan for Your Future

I have interviewed countless healthcare experts about why people should build a personal health plan in tandem with their later-life financial plan. Both plans then can be used to help people figure out the kinds of lives they will be able to lead, and afford, in their 70s, 80s, and even later.


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Understanding Your Future Self in Building a Personal Health Plan

Raise the Odds of Being in Good Physical and Financial Health Later in Life

In 2010, the stark reality of Americans’ widespread lack of retirement savings hit home with a dramatic survey. Its headline-grabbing finding: “Americans fear outliving their money more than they fear death.” Among people aged 44 to 49, more than three out of four feared running out of money more than dying; that figure rose to 82% if the respondents were married with children. (more…)

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Will Healthcare Costs Crack Your Nest Egg?

Considering Healthcare Costs in Retirement

It’s a scary number: A couple retiring this year will need $220,000 to cover their healthcare expenses in retirement. But more than half (55%) of retirees neglect to plan for their prescription drug and medical expenses. Among those that do, nearly half expect to need only $50,000. (more…)

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